Discover the Best Eateries in Paros, Greece

Discover the Best Eateries in Paros, Greece

How do you make the most out of your time in Paros, Greece? Take advantage of the culinary bounties that lie within this little cyclad. Whether you are planning to travel overseas this summer or simply love imagining the wonders of a Mediterranean getaway - this travel guide will be the staple for your next vacation. Also, if you you are planning a stop in Athens, Greece, check out our guide here.

From casual eateries to true fine dining, these restaurants will give you the entire breadth of what Paros has to offer. With each meal being authentic to the Mediterranean lifestyle and grounded in strong, Greek heritage, you will astounded by the beautiful flavors of the Aegean. Traveling elsewhere in Greece? Good news, this is one of many guides our team will be creating this summer.

GREECE EATS: Paros Edition

1. Blue Oyster: ($$) If you are looking for traditional Greek cuisine with fresh fish, shellfish, and all the seafood that Paros has to offer, this casual dining restaurant combines vision and taste. Enjoy an outstanding view from Ampelas Harbour Beach all the way to Naxos Island. 

Blue Oyster Restaurant Photos

2. Mario Restaurant: ($$) The beauty of Mario Restaurant lies in Mario himself. His passion for cooking results in unique, original, and delicious dishes that are further amplified by his selection of fresh ingredients. With each dish, authentic and locally-sourced ingredients shine through on their own, paired with a diverse wine and cocktail list. 

Mario Restaurant Paros Photos

3. Halaris Ouzeri Fish Taverna: ($$) Like many of the restaurants on our list, this is a small, family-owned and operated business that makes you feel like you are at home. Focusing on the traditional seafood offered in Paros, you will be impressed with the quality, freshness, and authenticity of each dish. Halaris also offers multiple fun events for both locals and tourists, so be sure to check those out. 

Halaris Ouzeri Fish Taverna Photos

4. BuonVento: ($$$) Located on the East Coast of Paris on a hill, overlooking the Mesada Bay, this restaurant blends traditional Neapolitan cuisine with Greek Heritage. Even with the beautiful views and quality food, this restaurant maintains a casual environment, making it feel like family. Their fried Pitsa is a must-try!

BuonVento Paros Restaurant Photos

5. Barbarossa: ($$$$) If you are looking for something modern with an elegant touch, this restaurant offers contemporary takes on Greek classics. Located in Naousa (Limanaki), this is a prized restaurant for its innovative creations. They also draw from the reputation of their head chef, Dimitris Nikolis, who is known across the globe for his delicious plates.

Barbarossa Restaurant Paros Photos

6. Henri G: ($$$) Nestled on a balcony in the center of Paros, this is a cozy restaurant that provides dishes that are both beautiful and delicious. If you are looking to spend a little bit more, plus enjoy an extravagant view above the bustling life of Paros, Greece, this the place for you. 

Henri G Restaurant Paros Photos

7. Siparos: ($$$) Sophistication that is grounded in its traditionalism. Beautifully-plated food and unique takes on local-favorite cocktails, this restaurant is considered "the top of the top" by all that visit. Promoting the use of local products and fresh seafood, their traditional recipes highlight the complex, natural flavors of each dish. For both lunch and dinner, you will love the elegant seaside restaurant.

Siparos Restuarant Paros Photos

8. Klarinos taverna: ($$) Calling all meat lovers! If you are looking for a casual restaurant that combines traditional greek cooking & ingredients with perfectly-grilled meat, this restaurant will be more than satiating! Full of gardenias and other beautiful elements from the surrounding nature, this local classic will feed your eyes and your stomach. Dishes include: Kokoretsi, kontosouvli, rooster wine, rabbit, snails, revythia in wooden and much more, all prepared with homemade and fresh ingredients. 

Klarinos Taverna Restaurant Photos Paros

9. Charoula's Taverna: ($$) Considered one of the most-beautiful taverns, this restaurant is prized for its location under two large mulberry trees. Escape from the sun, enjoy a great view, and truly-unforgettable dishes. Many of their ingredients are actually sourced from their own animals and grown-vegetables, further complimenting the fresh quality of their dishes. Plus, Miss Haroula has been running the tavern since 1977! 

Charoula Taverna Restaurant Photos Paros