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Extra Virgin Hydrating Face Oil

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Our super moisturizing yet featherweight face oil quickly absorbs to help nourish, soften and rejuvenate skin for a more hydrated complexion. A powerhouse duo of our 100% pure, signature extra virgin olive oil and lachestim, a restorative oil that can only be found from mastic trees from the Greek island of Chios, this hydrating face oil creates a youthful, fresh-faced appearance without clogging pores.
Apply 2 – 3 drops our face oil evenly onto face and massage gently into skin. May also be used on neck, chest, hands, elbows, or any place that needs extra moisture.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Our 100% signature, early-harvested Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Greece, contains an exceptionally high polyphenol content (over 450 mg) and helps to neutralize free radicals before DNA damage in skin cells occur while hydrating the...
Beauty from the inside out. Adding our EVOO face oil to your skincare routine is like taking a quick trip to the Mediterranean seaside: nourishing and needed. Generously apply our face oil and use your favorite facial roller, gua sha, or simply your fingers to massage the skin upward and outward to promote a healthy glow.

Extra Virgin Hydrating Face Oil

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Benefits of extra virgin olive oil for skin


Contains olive-derived squaline which is extremely hydrating, nourishes dry skin, and protects against premature aginf for a more youthful complexion.


Kosterina’s 100% pure, signature EVOO has very high polyphenol content, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help aid the skin.


Olive oil is a high-performing plant oil praised for its emollient, deep moisturizing properties, and antioxidants that fight free-radical damange.

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