Our Purpose

At Kosterina, our mission is to help you live a longer, happier, more delicious life.

We believe...

In the power of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Everyone deserves fresh, high-quality ingredients they can trust.

Food can taste incredible and be healthy at the same time.

Skincare can be effective without being harsh and that health and beauty come from both the inside and the outside. 

Family, however you choose to define it, is at the center of everything.

And finally, that the people of the Mediterranean who stay out late, eat good food, drink good wine and dance on tables, can teach us all something about the connection between health and happiness. 

A Note From Our Founder

My family is from a small fishing village called Koroni in the center of olive country in southern Greece. Koroni is the original home of the Koroneiki olive - the most popular varietal of olives grown throughout all of Greece - so, I grew up knowing what good olive oil tasted like.

As I started my own family, I started cooking more at home. I found that the Greek “extra virgin” olive oil at the supermarket here tasted absolutely nothing like what my family produced and enjoyed in Greece. I knew I wanted to bring the good stuff to the US. As I began development, I took an olive oil sommelier course and I was blown away by the health benefits of olive oil when harvested early and milled properly. I learned about the polyphenols found in EVOO and the story of the research team that discovered them. 

I also discovered that the majority of the olive oils sold in the US are not what they say they are so I decided to focus my efforts on making an EVOO that is authentically Mediterranean, delicious to smell, taste, and cook with, and, above all, loaded with health benefits. In order to be deemed extra virgin, an olive has to have 55 mg/kg of polyphenol content. Kosterina Original EVOO always has greater than 500 mg/kg, 8-10x more than your typical olive oil.

Today, Kosterina has evolved to be so much more than olive oil. We’ve created an incredible line of organic olives, vinegars that pair perfectly with our EVOO, and even all natural skincare leveraging the power of extra virgin olive oil for deep hydration and antioxidant protection.

Our Olive Oil Love Story

Kosterina is the combination of my full name (Katerina) and my husband’s name (Kostas) and #Kosterina was actually created as our wedding hashtag (which you can read more about here). After our wedding, our friends and family continued to call us Kosterina. So, when I wanted to launch an olive oil brand centered around love and family, with a name that sounded Greek, Kosterina was the natural choice. Oh, and we also already owned the URL.

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  • Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

    Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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    Our highest polyphenol EVOO straight from Southern Greece.

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    Extra Virgin Duo

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    Extra Virgin perfection: one for cooking and one for drizzling.

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    Crushed Fruit Vinegar Trio

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    The perfect combination of tangy and sweet, they brighten up any salad or cocktail

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    Snacking Olives Trio

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    A fresh, savory snack. Flavor-full, mess-free.