Discover the Best Eateries in Athens, Greece

Discover the Best Eateries in Athens, Greece

We're excited to share our team's Athens travel guide with you. Whether you're planning to travel overseas this summer or even if you have your eyes set on a European summer sometime in the future - bookmark this as a planning guide for your future travels to Greece.

From authentic and casual restaurants to fine dining and meals with stunning sunsets - there is bound to be a restaurant that will interest you. Traveling elsewhere in Greece? Good news, this is one of many guides our team will be creating this summer. Stay tuned for our Paros guide next month.

GREECE EATS: Athens Edition

1. Ergon House: ($$) “Situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historic heart of Athens, Ergon House is a seventh heaven for food enthusiasts” - Trip Advisor. Not only is Ergon House an excellent hotel located in the center of the city, but it has great food and easy access to museums and shopping. From decadent desserts to familiar Greek fare - there is something for everyone here. Be sure to visit Retiré Bar on the rooftop of Ergon House - it's an urban oasis with spectacular views of ancient Athens overlooking the Acropolis.

2. Forty: ($$) This restaurant is inside Astir Beach and serves everything from sashimi and ceviche by day to finer dining by sundown! Fresh salads, friendly and courteous service & wonderful lounge music! This is a perfect spot for brunch or a romantic evening. Trendy and not too upscale. 

 3. Scorpina: ($$) A high quality seafood restaurant in Psyhiko and located in one of the best neighborhoods in Athens. If you need a place to have a business lunch this is a great spot with beautiful lighting and a relaxing yet upscale environment. The barbounia is excellent and the prepared tartares, carpaccios and ceviches are always delicious. 

4. Margaro: ($$) A true local spot. This little restaurant is the definition of authenticity and simplicity and resides at the gate of the naval base of Athens. Margaro has very few menu options (less than 5...literally!), but everything is high quality. In a rush or looking for a quick and easy meal? This is your spot. It specializes in shrimp, fish, and Greek Salad. Reasonable price points, very casual environment. 

5. Cordice Blu. ($$) A casual & quality Italian/Mediterranean restaurant in the Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens. A delicious and reliable lunch & dinner option. The menu is varied and the price points are very reasonable. Their excellent service and helpful staff have made this restaurant famous. (The crayfish risotto is a team favorite)!

6. Papaioannou Fish Restaurant: ($$$) This restaurant has some of the best fish, scenery, and service in all of Athens. Perfect for lunch, date night or an upscale dinner with family and friends. Everything on their menu is so fresh, and the service is excellent.  The added bonus? Their wine list is very impressive, so you can sip on your cabernet as you watch a beautiful sunset

7. Cookoovaya: ($$$) In Greek, the word cookoovaya means owl, a sign of wisdom and the city of Athens's mascot. This restaurant was developed by a group of well-known Greek chefs under the premise that "wise cuisine" is more desirable. The atmosphere is upbeat and positive. Fine dining with a wide variety of seafood, beef options, and Greek cuisine.

8. Zurbaran: ($$$) Just a short distance from Kolonaki Square, this ultra modern restaurant bar attracts the city's trendiest partygoers (you may even spot someone famous!). There is a fantastic atmosphere and lovely music - perfect for a night out with friends. There's a wide variety of food available, from raw seafood to chateaubriand, but the atmosphere is what really sets this place apart. 

9. Papillon: ($$) A local favorite with sophisticated cocktails & aperitivosThe entrance area boasts a lovely bar and casual dining, whereas the dining only area is cozy and stylishly charming. The dishes are well thought out and the portions are just right. We highly recommend it for either a delightful meal with an excellent bottle of wine or an aperitif with a carpaccio plate etc. Casual. 

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