Kosterina 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Kosterina 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect holiday gift for that person who seems to have everything? Don't worry, we have curated a list of some of our favorite items that are sure to elevate anyone's life! From cookware to pantry staples to travel gear to skincare, we have recommendations that everyone can enjoy!

For the Foodie

Holiday Gift Guide 1

  1. Breville Juicer: This sleek appliance transforms fruit and veggies into delicious juices. Its powerful motor and easy-to-clean design make it chic and functional and the perfect gift for the foodies + wellness gurus in your life.
  2. Coconut Cult Subscription: Our team is obsessed with this brand not just because it tastes incredible…but how good it is for you. These yogurts are fermented with powerful live cultures, creating the ultimate healing food that is alive with good bacteria (probiotics!) 
  3. Caraway 14-Piece Food Storage Set: Organize in style with the Caraway 14-Piece Food Storage Set—a gift that combines practicality with aesthetic charm. This thoughtfully designed set not only keeps ingredients fresh but also adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. 
  4. Terrain Onyx Condiment Stand: Elevate the dining experience with the Terrain Onyx Condiment Stand—a gift that adds a touch of sophistication to any table.  Whether hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a meal, this condiment stand brings a sense of style and convenience to the dining experience.
  5. Our Place Multicooker: Simplify and revolutionize their kitchen with the Our Place Multicooker. This versatile and stylish appliance is a game-changer for anyone who loves to cook but seeks efficiency. From sautéing to steaming, this multicooker does it all with flair.
  6. Snacking Olives Trio: Gift the taste of the Mediterranean with either a simple trio of olives or an olive trio subscription. Handpicked from the hillsides of southern Greece, these savory olives are not only healthy and delicious but are also easy to enjoy - perfect for the foodies in your life. 

For the Traveler

Holiday Gift Guide 2

  1. Mark & Graham Leather Charger Organizer: Combine sophistication with practicality with the Mark & Graham Leather Charger Organizer. This sleek and personalized gift keeps tech essentials in order while adding a touch of luxury. Ideal for the professional on the go, this organizer effortlessly blends style and functionality.
  2. Paravel Packing Cubes: Transform the way your friends travel with Paravel Packing Cubes. This practical and stylish gift brings order to chaos, making packing and unpacking a breeze. Ideal for the jetsetter or the meticulous organizer, these cubes are the key to stress-free and efficient travel.
  3. Polaroid Camera: Capture memories in an instant with the charm of a Polaroid Camera. This nostalgic yet modern gift is perfect for the creative soul who cherishes the tangible moments. From spontaneous adventures to candid snapshots, this camera adds a touch of vintage joy to every click.
  4. Kosterina Extra Virgin Rollerball: Give the gift of hydration. Our Extra Virgin Hydrating Rollerball is a luxurious and practical present that effortlessly combines skincare with self-care. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the traveler in your family! 
  5. The Nori Press: A wrinkle-removal product designed to press, steam and refresh your clothes with ease. Your zoom outfits will never look better.

For the Person with Everything

Holiday Gift Guide 3

  1. Solo Stove Pizza Oven: Whether it's bringing family together for a festive pizza night or creating a cozy winter evening with friends, this culinary delight adds a touch of warmth and flavor to the holidays. It’s built to last and not too big! 
  2. Masienda Tortilla Press: Spice up taco night with the Masienda Tortilla Press—a gift that brings the authenticity of homemade tortillas to the kitchen. Perfect for the culinary enthusiast, this press adds a personal touch to Mexican cuisine, turning every meal into a delicious and memorable experience.
  3. Clear Home Design Lucite Backgammon Set: Elevate game nights with the Clear Home Design Lucite Backgammon Set. This chic and modern gift is a statement piece for the game connoisseur. Whether displayed as an artful decor item or used for strategic battles, this backgammon set is a stylish addition to any home.
  4. Coming Soon NY Coco Coupe’s: Embrace the art of sipping with Coming Soon NY Coco Coupe’s. This eclectic and unique gift adds a touch of whimsy to any gathering. Perfect for the friend who appreciates the finer details in their drinkware, these coupes are a delightful addition to any bar cart.
  5. Pro-Ject Carbon Turntable: Delight audiophiles with the Pro-Ject Carbon Turntable. This high-quality turntable brings music to life with its precision and clarity. Ideal for those who appreciate the warm and authentic sound of vinyl, this gift is a timeless piece for the music lover's collection.
  6. Kosterina Olive Oil Cake: Indulge the sweet tooth with Kosterina Olive Oil Cake. This delicious and unique treat is a culinary journey through the Mediterranean. Perfect for the foodie with a taste for the extraordinary, this cake is a delightful departure from the ordinary.

For the Wellness Warrior

Holiday Gift Guide 4

  1. Kosterina Subscription: A shot of EVOO in the morning kick starts your metabolism and trains your body to use fat for fuel instead of glucose - best news ever! Every morning ritualist will love never running out of this superfood.
  2. Oura Ring: Gift the power of personalized wellness with the Oura Ring. This sleek and innovative device tracks sleep, activity, and overall health, empowering the recipient to prioritize well-being. Ideal for the health-conscious individual, this ring is a stylish and functional accessory for a balanced lifestyle.
  3. Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity: Feed the curious mind with "Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity." This insightful book is the perfect gift for those interested in the secrets of a long and fulfilling life. Filled with wisdom and practical tips, it's a thoughtful present for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being.
  4. A Wellness Weekend: Unwind and recharge with the gift of a Wellness Weekend. Treat your loved ones to a rejuvenating escape, whether it's a spa retreat, a yoga getaway, or a nature-filled adventure. Perfect for those in need of relaxation and self-care, this experience is a truly meaningful and unforgettable gift. Live near NY? Checkout the lodge at Woodloch for the ultimate getaway weekend :)
  5. Garmin Fitness Watch: Elevate their fitness journey with the Garmin Fitness Watch. This high-tech and versatile gift is a personal coach on the wrist, tracking workouts, monitoring health metrics, and inspiring an active lifestyle. Ideal for the fitness enthusiast, this watch is a stylish and functional companion for every workout.
  6. De Soi Non-Alcoholic Apéritif: Toast to good times with De Soi Non-Alcoholic Apéritif. This sophisticated and alcohol-free option is perfect for those who appreciate the art of mixology without the alcohol content. Ideal for social gatherings or solo relaxation, this apéritif is a refreshing and tasteful gift.
  7. Bala Weight Kit: Bring the gym to their home with the Bala Weight Kit. This stylish and functional set adds a touch of design to the workout routine. Ideal for the fitness enthusiast or the home gym aficionado, these weights are a sleek addition to any exercise regiment.

For the Family

Holiday Gift Guide 5

  1. Songmont Vegan Leather Totes: Combine fashion and compassion with Songmont Vegan Leather Totes. This chic and cruelty-free gift is perfect for the eco-conscious fashionista. Ideal for everyday use or a stylish statement, these totes add a touch of ethical elegance to any outfit.
  2. Koio Sneakers: Step into style with Koio Sneakers. This trendy and high-quality footwear is a gift for the fashion-forward individual. Ideal for casual outings or urban adventures, these sneakers blend comfort and aesthetics seamlessly.
  3. Framebridge Picture Frames: Frame memories with elegance using Framebridge Picture Frames. This thoughtful and customizable gift adds a personal touch to cherished moments. Ideal for the sentimental soul or the home decorator, these frames are a timeless addition to any living space.
  4. Kosterina Crushed Fruit Vinegars: Elevate culinary creations with Kosterina Crushed Fruit Vinegars. This flavorful and versatile gift is a gourmet addition to any kitchen. Ideal for the foodie or the home chef, these vinegars add a burst of unique and delicious flavor to a variety of dishes.
  5. Reigning Champ Sportswear: Elevate the workout wardrobe with Reigning Champ Sportswear. This stylish and high-performance athletic wear is a gift for the fitness enthusiast who values both comfort and aesthetics. Ideal for the gym or casual outings, these pieces redefine activewear with a touch of luxury.
  6. Assouline Coffee Table Books: Elevate your loved one's living space with these visually stunning and thought-provoking volumes, transforming moments of leisure into an artful exploration of culture, design, and timeless elegance.

For the Hostess with the Mostess

Holiday Gift Guide 6

  1. Kosterina Kitchen Starter Set: Complete with our Original and Organic Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oils, these act as the perfect thank you to those who matter most. Not only do you provide a delicious & beautifully-made kitchen staple, but you give someone dozens of new recipes to experiment with.
  2. Kosterina Dipping Duo & Gift Box: Made with our new gift box crafted to reflect the modern, authentic Greek aesthetic, this dipping duo is perfect to elevate anyone's salads, marinades, and more!

For the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Holiday Gift Guide 7

  1. Kosterina Extra Virgin Oil Balms: Looking for some Greek Glow on-the-go? These balms are made with our high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil to give that dewy gloss (and nourishment!) wherever you need! Plus they fit perfectly in any bag, pocket, and of course, a holiday stocking!