The Power of Functional Medicine

The Power of Functional Medicine

Dear Kosterina Family,

If you've been part of the Kosterina family for a while, you've probably heard me talk about how life-changing it is to start seeing a functional medicine doctor. Our current medical system isn't set up for long-term, preventative care, and it wasn't until I started seeing a functional medicine doctor that I finally felt like I addressed the root cause of issues I could never get to the bottom of. 

Cue, some fascinating medical test results from the KMBO Food Sensitivity Test that were actionable immediately . My doctor recommended I get this simple blood test to use as a tool to understand if there were any underlying foods that were impacting my overall well-being.  

Interestingly, there were a few things that can cause inflammation for me that I never knew about! Here's a picture of what my test results looked like: 

As you could see, I discovered through this test that dairy and eggs inflame me. In all my years I never knew that, but I made an easy swap of my daily latte for plant-based milk (I'm loving macadamia nut milk right now!).  

The most interesting part of working with a functional doctor to understand your underlying issues is that it's completely personalized. For me, it was largely about limiting my exposure to these foods, not completely cutting them out (so yes, I still have desserts on the weekends!). Also, it highlighted certain choices I was making because I thought they were healthy - but didn't necessarily work for my body type. I had switched to cassava flour tortillas because they are gluten-free - but there's tapioca in them (one of my severe sensitivity foods). Good to know!

Health isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.