Reaching More Families

Reaching More Families

Dear Kosterina Family,

If you haven't heard, we have some really exciting news here at Kosterina: you can now find us in over 350 Whole Foods Market stores across the country. This is huge for us because this partnership is so aligned with our mission. We want everyone to get a taste of the benefits of authentic extra virgin olive oil. We are always seeking delicious, nutrient-rich meals, a body that feels as good as it looks, and a wellness-driven lifestyle with all the satisfaction of an indulgent one, and we know you are too. Now we can reach many more people than we could have on our own.
A few years back, I scoured the supermarket aisles for EVOO that tasted like the olive oil my family produced in Greece. I wondered why the supermarket “extra virgin” olive oils I found were so tasteless. When I learned about the health benefits of early harvest EVOO, I knew I needed to spread the word and that’s how Kosterina was born. 
When we had the opportunity to partner with Whole Foods Market I was so impressed by the high standards required for the products offered in their stores. They seek out extremely high-quality goods, and they abide by their mission to offer products that are nourishing for people and the planet. Products that have clean ingredients, sustainable supply chain, clean farming methods and strong company values are the products that are most often sold at Whole Foods Market, and we are excited to call them our first retail partner. 

Walking the aisles of Whole Foods Market is a fun pastime for me. I love discovering new brands and following health trends in food. When I find the better-for-you version of a snack food or dessert that I love, that’s always a big win. (Think Perfect Bar Peanut Butter Cups, Siete tortilla chips or Simple Mills gluten-free baking mixes). And Whole Foods has always been my go-to grocery store purely because of its healthy assortment of brands which are hard to find elsewhere. I hope that more families will discover Kosterina now too. 

We believe in flavorful foods that do your body good and we’re always looking to the past for inspiration on how to achieve our very best future. Please look for us on Whole Foods shelves near you.