Our Go-To Coronavirus Resources

Our Go-To Coronavirus Resources
Dear Kosterina Family, 

COVID-19, the Coronavirus, has taken our world by storm over the past few weeks - and it can feel like a scary time. While there's plenty of information out there, here are our top go-to resources to understand what COVID-19 is, what the future of this outbreak could look like, and most importantly - what we can do about it. In addition to the CDC website of course, these are some of the science-backed podcast and video resources we’ve been consulting on the topic:
Coronavirus - Should you worry? By Dr. Gundry 
Coronavirus, Fears vs Facts by Science VS 
IGTV by Dr. Peter Attia
Special Report, Coronavirus Daily by Live Science Podcast 
Vox Podcast episodes on Coronavirus

The bottom line? Stay home when you can, keep washing those hands and although easier said that done, don’t panic. The truth is the vast, vast majority of us will all be totally fine, but each of us has a role in preventing the spread of the virus in the near term to protect those who may be more susceptible. We've included some more resources in the rest of our note to you this week.