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Dear Kosterina Family, 
If you enjoy our weekly wellness roundups, please share them with a friend! For today, let’s talk fitness. 
So they say that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. And they’re right. Ninety percent of our focus really should be on food for optimal health. But what about a good diet with nightly Almond Butter & Vanilla dark chocolate bars? Or the occasional 3 serving bag of Dang rice crisps? (So good, btw). Can I out-exercise that? If food is most important to maintaining a healthy weight, do we really need to workout at all? If so, how long do we need to work out for? And what’s the best type of workout? So many questions.

Here is a reminder about the long-term health benefits of consistent exercise beyond weight management. 

Strength and Injury Protection. Strength training helps to reduce the loss of muscle mass as we age and helps us make it through life injury free.   
- Better insulin sensitivity: Exercising makes muscles more sensitive to insulin, which means you need less insulin. This is a good thing.
Increased detoxification and decreased stress levels: Moving your body jumpstarts our natural detoxification processes, through the skin and colon. It helps get our circulation going and ignites the lymphatic system. It also reduces certain hormones, like cortisol (or our stress hormone), which helps us feel better in the short-term.
Reduced risk of chronic disease: Showing up consistently to move your body protects your heart, balances your hormones and reduces inflammation - all key factors in protecting you from chronic disease like cancer, stroke, heart attacks and overall aging. 
- Maintains a healthy immune system. Very important these days! 
And here’s more from Dr. Mark Hyman on the topic. 

I have been trying to work out every single day since the quarantines began, mostly inspired by my top idol, the greatest of all time, Jennifer Lopez. I know it sounds ridiculous, but J Lo has inspired me in many aspects of life – from work to motherhood to personal goals. She works harder than anyone in entertainment, she’s a mom of two and she looks younger and more amazing as she gets older. And if you don’t believe me, may I remind you of this?
Well J. Lo recently spoke with Oprah (see interview here) and when Oprah asked about her fitness routine she said “You don’t need more than an hour in the gym [a day]. You need the consistency more than you need to be in there killing yourself.” So I’ve been aiming for about 45 minutes of exercise a day. If I can look 75% as good and do as much as J.Lo does at 50, that’ll be a huge win. 
What work out is best for you? Dr. Hyman says the best type of work out is the one you’ll actually do. Find something you actually enjoy so that you’ll keep it up. Lately, I've been loving my Peloton, Obe Fitness on demand classes, and taking long walks with my 10-month old son. Let's work out together! You can follow the new #extravirginsquad hashtag on Peloton - or tag us on Instagram to show us how you're moving.
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Peace, love & EVOO,
Katerina Mountanos
Katerina Mountanos

Olive Oil Sommelier Katerina Mountanos, is the Founder & CEO of Kosterina Olive Oil, which produces 100% organic, extra virgin olive oil from Greece sold directly to consumers online. Katerina is an ecommerce expert and has built beauty, home and wellness businesses for Amazon, Jet, and Walmart. She founded beauty services company, Manicube, which was sold to The Red Door by Elizabeth Arden in 2015. Katerina is very passionate about olive oil, the Mediterranean diet and eating for health and longevity.

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