How one woman drove massive change

How one woman drove massive change

Dear Kosterina Family,

The more I dive deeper into learning about our food system, unfortunately, the more that I feel this problem is too big for any one person to solve. When I read about the intertwined issues with industrial farms, our food systems and the subsequent health crises going on in America, I want to give up. The problem seems just too complicated to make the massive change it needs. 

But, we know that's never the case - and we all have the power to make tiny, but impactful changes. Sometimes, those tiny changes could spark colossal shifts in the way that systems operate. For example, I was really moved by the story of Vani Hari, the woman behind the media platform FoodBabe, who has single-handedly been able to shift the practices of major corporations like Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Kraft, General Mills and more for the better. (Thank you to Dr. Mark Hyman for bringing her to my attention in Food Fix). I'll share a little of Vani's story in hopes that it inspires you to begin to think differently about the impact you could have on our food systems, and in subsequent newsletters, we'll dive into specific topics & areas of research.

Vani's story is really interesting (and relatable), since she is an outsider to the food industry. According to her own story, she grew up eating junk food without thinking twice about it - until it landed her in the hospital. After that life-changing experience, Vani began to do investigate claims made by large food corporations, and then mobilize people like you and m= to put pressure on them. For example, in 2013 Vani got 380,00+ people to sign a petition for Kraft to remove harmful chemicals linked to hyperactivity in children found in their Mac and Cheese - and guess what? They removed them. This is one example of many where Vani conducted her own research, shared that research with her community, and put pressure on companies to remove harmful ingredients from their foods. Her book, Feeding You Lies, is next on our list. 

Vani's story is is just one step, and one insight into how we can make change in the food industry writ large. I would love to hear your own experiences and topics you would like us to cover here at Kosterina.