"Easy Adds" for Long-term Wellness

"Easy Adds" for Long-term Wellness

Dear Kosterina Family,

Oftentimes, it can feel like the moment you start to take your health into your own hands it turns into a massive undertaking - so much so, that you end up putting off making any changes. At Kosterina, we are focused on accessible wellness -- and what realistic changes we can make to live a longer, healthier life. 

One of our favorite health experts here at Kosterina, Dr. Frank Lipman, recently co-authored a book called The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength and VitalityDr. Lipman and his co-author, Danielle Claro, dedicate an entire chapter to something they call "Easy Adds" - or essentially, tiny, everyday habits you can begin to incorporate into your life for optimal wellness. Some of my favorite of his recommendations touting enormous health benefits are:

 - Foam rolling every day 

 - Sweating out toxins in a sauna (yes, please)

 - Supplementing with additional magnesium

- Taking a cold rinse after a hot shower

 - Jump-starting your circadian rhythm with a few minutes of sunshine every morning.

Admittedly, in my book, taking a cold rinse after a hot shower is NOT an easy add (I simply cannot bring myself to do this even though I know it's good for me!) but I think the rest are easy enough. Our health and longevity truly come down to the small choices we make each day.