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The Mediterranean staple isn’t just for cooking or eating; it can also do wonders to your beauty routine.


You might be familiar with the health benefits of consuming olive oil—it can lower one’s risk of heart disease, keeping his or her insulin and blood sugar levels under control, and help with weight loss. It turns out that this special oil can also impact your beauty regimen for the better. So, what does that mean? Think about stocking your shelves (both in your kitchen and bathroom) with this magical ingredient.


1. Hair:

If your hair is dry from blowouts or dye treatments, olive oil can help hydrate it. Heat ½ cup of olive oil and apply it on your strands. Cover your hair with a plastic bag or plastic wrap, and then cover with a towel for 45 minutes. Shampoo and rinse as usual.


2. Makeup Remover

Why spend money on makeup remover wipes or liquid solutions, when you can use what’s in your kitchen cabinet? Dab a little bit on a cotton ball and rub it over your heavy eye makeup or waterproof mascara. Afterwards, wash your face with your regular face wash.


3. Moisturizer

Dry skin, meet olive oil. After exfoliating, rub a little bit all over your skin (not too much, or you’ll end up super slick). You can also apply a few drops to your face—perfect for colder months when your face tends to feel chapped.


4. Shaving Cream

Add a thin layer to your legs—it works just like shaving cream. It helps when you’re in a pinch because your shaving cream can’s empty. Plus, unlike soap, it will help your razor glide smoothly over you skin. The olive oil acts like an after-shave moisturizer, too.


5. Dry Feet

During the summer months, your feet are prone to dryness and calluses, courtesy of your sandals. Flip-flops and strappy sandals expose your feet to more wear and tear, especially if you’re out their pounding the pavements every day. This problem can be solved with some EVOO, so you don’t have to go out and buy expensive foot creams. Exfoliate your feet with a scrub or pumice stone, and then rub some olive oil over the dry spots.


6. Cuticles

For stronger and more moisturized nails, soak your cuticles in olive oil for a few minutes. Do this before you give yourself a manicure so you won’t have to push the cuticles back.


7. Exfoliator

Create your own inexpensive scrub by mixing olive oil and sea salt to create an all-natural exfoliant. The oil works as a helpful base for other DIY scrubs, like a lip scrub with EVOO and sugar.

Michelle Tulac
Michelle Tulac

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