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by Marilena Leavitt June 19, 2018 0 Comments

Our overnight raspberry chia pudding hits all of our favorite boxes: simple, nutritional, and customizable. Some of our favorite toppings are cacao nibs and a sprig of mint! 


INGREDIENTS (serves 1)


For the pudding:

5 oz. almond milk

2½ TBSP. chia seeds

½ tsp. ground cardamom

1-2 TBSPS. honey

--- pinch of ground cinnamon

¼ rounded cup fresh raspberries (or other berries)

Optional Toppings:

Mixed fresh (or defrosted) berries

Toasted almonds, chopped

Sliced bananas

Coconut flakes or chips

Cacao nibs

Drizzle of honey or agave


--- sprig of fresh mint (optional)




  1. In a small jar, combine the milk, the chia seeds, cardamom, honey and cinnamon. Whisk well to combine. Add the raspberries and mix again. Cover the jar and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (or overnight). At this point, the chia seeds should have absorbed enough moisture to achieve a pudding-like consistency. Within the first hour, uncover the bowl and give it a good stir to break up any clumps of chia that might form.
  1. The next morning, or when you are ready to eat, stir once again. If it looks too thick, add a splash of almond milk.
  2. To serve, top with any of the suggested toppings and drizzle with some honey. Eat at once, or, pack it to bring to work or school.




Notes: You can easily double the recipe to make two portions. The chia pudding will keep well in the refrigerator, covered, for 4 days.

If you like kefir, you can make a kefir chia pudding by mixing ½ cup of your favorite flavor kefir with 1½ TBSP. chia seeds and 1 TBSP. of honey. Refrigerate for 2 hours and enjoy with your favorite toppings!

Marilena Leavitt
Marilena Leavitt

Marilena Leavitt is Kosterina’s Executive Chef and creates healthy and easy to prepare recipes for our readers. Check out her website at: http://www.marilenaskitchen.com

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