Do you know what's in your coffee?

Do you know what's in your coffee?
Dear Kosterina Family, 

Do you know what's actually in your coffee?

To me, there's nothing better than that first sip of coffee in the morning. If you're a coffee lover like me and the 165 million people who consume it daily, you would be shocked to find out that coffee is one of the "dirtiest" crops on the planet today.  Since coffee is grown and harvested largely outside of the United States, it's often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides we would consider illegal.

These pesticides are known to have harmful effects in both the short and long term - ranging from headaches and lethargy to Parkinsons and infertility.

But, not to fear - the organic coffee movement is growing, which is better for our bodies and our planet. So, next time you grab a cup of 'jo, check to see if it's been certified by the USDA. Hint: Le Pain Quotidien, Pret a Manger, and many local coffee shops source organic coffee already! At home, we drink Nespresso which only uses certified organic coffee. 

Peace, love & EVOO,