Mykonos, You Complete Me

Mykonos, You Complete Me

The poet, W.H. Auden coined the term ‘Topophilia’ (which is Greek for “love of place”) to describe the way people experience a strong sense of place and how it drives their sense of identity and an underlying sense of belonging. It turns out we do form deep connections with places.
A study called Places That Make Us, which included MRI scans and surveys of 2,000 people, revealed that such places don’t just make us feel happy, but even more importantly, create a sense of completeness. For me, the Greek island of Mykonos is one such place. 

Dear Kosterina Family,

What is it that makes Mykonos so special to me? The sense of freedom that it evokes. The happiness of its people, the beauty of its beaches and sunsets, the incredible fresh food and the fun-loving vibe of the island drew me in fifteen years in a row. Everyone on the island is in a good mood and for some reason, no one goes to bed until dawn. It is a place where I feel free of all responsibilities. Kostas and I even decided to host a group honeymoon there following our wedding. 

This year, like many of you, I’m not able to go to my special place and I feel like I'm missing a little part of myself. The science tells us that a significant place holds meaning for us and activates the part of our brain that's in charge of our deepest emotional responses.

The good news is -- apparently we don't have to physically go there to receive the benefits. Researchers found that even just evoking a memory, looking at an old picture of your place or remembering it through any of the 5 senses can help you feel more connected, safe, and happy. So that’s what I did. Visit our Instagram for some of my favorite Mykonos memories, courtesy of my camera roll. 

Also, my brother, Peter -- our head of customer service for Kosterina and family DJ – has put together a Greek Island Vibes playlist for us on Spotify to help bring us that Mykonos feeling through sound. Enjoy.