My Mother's Table

My Mother's Table

Dear Kosterina Family,

Some of my favorite moments in life are the times after a meal where conversations continue and a second drink is served. I often feel a ping of disappointment in that moment where someone gets up and starts to pick up the dishes. I try not to be that person.

At my mother’s table we linger for a long time and I treasure those moments. My favorite version of my mom’s table is the one with several coffee mugs and a simple olive oil cake or some Greek melomakarona in the center. It’s at that table that I slow down and forget I’m in a rush.

My favorite version of my mother-in-law’s table has some chicken souvlaki and fresh spanakopita. Everything has been perfectly timed to be served hot and fresh. Everyone’s dietary concerns and special requests have been accounted for. It’s at that table where we share stories and catch up with family and friends.

What is it about our mother’s tables that make them so special? Although food appears to be the centerpiece, I think it’s mom’s unconditional love. It’s a comforting place where we feel understood. Mom’s table, no matter where it is, feels like home.

The longevity of people who live in the Blue Zones is tied back to family and community. And you often find multi-generational living in those parts of the world. I know many of us may not be able to sit at their mom’s table this year but in the name of happiness and longevity, I hope that you all find those tables that feel like mom’s.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating.

Peace, love, & EVOO,