Making Our World Happier & Healthier

Making Our World Happier & Healthier

Dear Kosterina Family,

As we celebrate the launch of our 3L tins of Organic Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil - we've been thinking a lot about how companies all around us are doing their part in helping our world become healthier and greener.

This past week, the outdoor apparel company, Patagonia, had a world-changing announcement: "The Earth is our only shareholder." Their founder, Yvon, and his family decided to dedicate their wealth to fund organizations and movements that preserve and protect our environment.

It's no surprise that advocacy and impact is weaved throughout the DNA of Patagonia - they've been paving the way for companies around the world to use their voice, products and wealth for decades (check out this inspiring ad they ran back in 2013).

But, it doesn't require billions of dollars in order to make change - all of us can have an impact. Some of our favorite companies are innovating in really unique ways to make their products better for the Earth, too.

Seed, a probiotic company, has fully biodegradable packaging (made from algae!). And Branch Basics, our favorite clean cleaning products, have built their business on refillable bottles and cleaning concentrate - two important aspects of long-term sustainability.

At Kosterina, we're doing our part to care for the well-being of the Earth, too. With our new 3L tins of Organic Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you'll receive 6 bottles of oil in one package - which means less packaging and less of an environmental shipping impact. Plus - it's more cost-effective for your wallet, too!

We're excited to keep expanding our definition of well-being to include Mother Nature, because the health of our planet impacts our own. 

Peace, Love & EVOO,