Learn from the world's longest-lived people

Learn from the world's longest-lived people

Our mission at Kosterina is simple: to help everyone live a little better every day. In our quest for developing a healthy lifestyle that's focused on longevity, rather than quick fixes, we came across The Blue Zones, a project by National Geographic researcher, Dan Buettner, that uncovers the habits of centennials (or people who live to be 100).

Last month, we shared on Instagram about the "Power 9", which is a set of lifestyle habits that all of the Blue Zones have in common. Today we want to focus on Lifestyle Habit #2: Move Naturally. 

What does it mean to "move naturally"? Interestingly, it's the opposite way most of us think about physical health. According to Dan Buettner, "the world's longest-lived people don't pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead. they live in environments that nudge them into moving without thinking about it." 

Unlike the way we treat movement in our world, often as another box to check, those in the Blue Zones move often and without pressure. They may walk to their favorite bakery, or spend an hour caring for their garden. And interestingly, because "they don't have mechanical conveniences for house or yard work" they must use the strength of their bodies. 

This concept of "moving naturally" doesn't just sound easier - from a habit-building perspective, it actually is. When we are intrinsically motivated to do something for our well-being, we are more likely to stick to it more consistently. Similarly, if we view leisure time, like gardening or going on an afternoon stroll, as having a positive impact on our well-being, we are more likely to enjoy it. Combining movement with leisure time is a win-win!

So, bottom line: find ways in your every day to move naturally, rather than making it another mark on your to-do list.