How to Sit Up Straight

How to Sit Up Straight
Dear Kosterina Family,

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about the importance of a little-discussed wellness topic: good posture.

Apparently our posture is a big indicator of our overall health and longevity. Essentially, posture is a representation of how our bones and muscles are aligned in our bodies - and in a world where the majority of our days are spent hunched behind a computer, good posture is hard to come by. Plus, good posture just makes you look better so even if you do it just for vanity, that works too. 

When your body isn't fully aligned, it can lead to a host of issues. Of course, bad posture can impact your back and neck muscles - but did you know that it can lead to headaches, jaw pain and even poor digestion

The good news is that improving our posture is a really simple and accessible way to shift our overall health. I've been using this 30-day guide to good posture and attempting to add more yoga to my daily routine. Harvard Health recommends a few easy tricks to practice in order to have better posture in the long-run:

1. Check your posture in the mirror at least once a day: becoming visually aware of your posture is an important first step towards improving it. 
2. Focus on balance: Balancing exercises are key to bettering posture - and it impacts every part of your life, from simple tasks like walking or getting up from a chair to everyday workouts. Practice getting centered on both of your feet each morning.
3. Strengthen your core: Good posture relies on flexible, strong core muscles. A strong core leads to a strong back.  You can even practice core strengtheners while carrying your groceries if you're aware of it.

One small change I've made to better my posture is invest in a big LG monitor (see below) - so I'm not longer crouched behind a small computer screen. Every little bit counts!

Have you found any good books or resources on good posture? Please share with us and we will share with the Kosterina family.