From Fasting to Feasting

From Fasting to Feasting
Dear Kosterina Family,

Today in the Greek Orthodox religion, we are celebrating one of the most important and exciting holidays of the year: Easter. After 40 days of fasting, today we feast.

We Greeks (and other Orthodox Christians) actually celebrate our holiest and most transformative holiday, Pascha, based on the ancient Julian calendar and astronomical full moon following the Spring Equinox. Interestingly, our holiday is always after Passover given that we incorporate Jesus' celebration of Passover in Jerusalem into our Great Lent.

But, enough semantics - what I really wanted to share with you this week is that I am always struck by how symbolic Easter's celebrations are to our cycles of life. And, especially this year, as we've all shed many parts of our old lives and are moving through somewhat of a rebirth this spring, this holiday has a lot it can teach us. 

After a terrifying, cold and lonely winter, we are finally experiencing the beautiful rebirth of spring - in more ways than one. Flowers are blooming. People are hugging. Days are growing longer. 

Easter, in its entirety, mirrors the cycle we've all experienced over this past year: sacrifice, mourning, resurrection and joy. After weeks of fasting and prayer we are finally able to celebrate this beautiful rebirth. 

I hope that no matter what religion you believe in (or not!) we can all find some beauty and see how sacrifice can also lead to joy. From my family to yours: Christos Anesti! (Even after bribing our kids with cake pops for a family photo, this was the best we could do...).

Peace, Love & EVOO,