7 Podcasts For Foodies

7 Podcasts For Foodies

Dear Kosterina Family,

Even if you’ve never listened to a podcast before, you’ve probably heard of popular ones like Serial or This American Life. You might have even promised yourself that you would try to give them a listen, but never got around it. Well, what’s stopping you? Podcasts are a great way to pass the time—whether you’re sitting in traffic or commuting to work, getting your morning workout in, or just doing chores around the house.

To get you started with podcasts (or maybe you’re a veteran listener and are looking for some new ones), take a look at these, made specifically for foodies.

1. America’s Test Kitchen Radio

You’re probably familiar with the America’s Test Kitchen brand, from the TV show, radio show, to its cookbooks. The brand’s podcast has weekly episodes that feature top chefs (Mario Batali and Marcus Samuelsson were recent guests), the history behind certain foods, recipes from the test kitchen, cooking advice and more. There’s also one episode in the archives that’s all about how to buy olive oil—which includes a taste test and background on mislabeled olive oil bottles. New episodes are released every Friday.

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2. On Olive Oil with Curtis Cord

The publisher of Olive Oil Times, an all-encompassing site about olive oil, hosts this podcast. During each episode, Curtis Cord interviews chefs, authors, and experts who share their thoughts on olive oil and all it entails, from production to recipes. Recent guests include the director of Cold-Pressed, a crime thriller about the adulteration of olive oil, and the executive vice president of the North American Olive Oil Association.

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3. Bon Appétit Foodcast

The editors of the popular food magazine chat with chefs, cookbook authors, wine and spirits experts, celebrities (like Seth Rogen and Gwyneth Paltrow), and other foodies to discuss everything from food trends, hosting and cooking tips, and more. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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4. The Splendid Table

The public radio program hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper features interviews with writers and chefs on the culture of food. Recent topics include German baking, Chinese food, and spices. New episodes are released every Friday.

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5. KCRW Good Food

Current events, pop culture, and history are discussed from a food perspective in this podcast. Each week, chefs, entrepreneurs, writers, and more come on the show to talk about their food passions, like the history of the sandwich and comfort food. Each episode features a restaurant pick from Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold. New episodes are released every Saturday.

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6. Burnt Toast

The popular food website has an equally popular and interesting podcast, with new episodes released about every two weeks. The podcast features recipes, interviews with food personalities, and discussions about food culture. It also provides a behind-the-scenes look at food writing, from co-authoring cookbooks to embarking on a writing career.

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7. The Feed Podcast

Chef Rick Bayless and food writer Steve Dolinsky host this weekly podcast just for foodies. Every few episodes there’s an “Ingredient Challenge,” in which Rick Bayless and a guest chef attempt to create a meal featuring a specific ingredient, like canned pumpkin, cucumber, and corn. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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