10 Wellness Podcasts for Ongoing Inspiration

10 Wellness Podcasts for Ongoing Inspiration

Dear Kosterina Family,

I have an insatiable appetite for podcasts.

I know many of us still may not be doing much commuting but I find podcasts liven up down time spent brushing teeth, getting dressed, driving or going on walks. And over the past year, podcasts have been a major savior for my sense of connection, learning, and even mental clarity. I have a running list of my favorite podcasts, all of them centered on living healthier, happier and longer lives.

Here are a few of my favorites that do a great job of making health information more accessible while balancing credibility, scientific expertise and fun:

A few other favotrites include: The Todd Durkin Showgoop podcastBe Well by Kelly and Coming Clean with Indie Lee. They all have a slightly different flavor but discuss important topics ranging from the impacts of soil health to clean beauty ingredients for skin health.

Peace, Love & EVOO,