Why Try Dry January?

Why Try Dry January?

Dear Kosterina Family, 

We know many of you may be participating in Dry January - a sober-curious month of experiencing the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle. What began in January 2012 as a public health initiative from Alcohol Change UK, is now a challenge millions are participating in globally. We’ve even heard rumors of “Damp January” as many also just reduce how much alcohol they’re consuming. 

There are many studies showing that a Dry January can lead to increased energy, better sleep, and sharper focus and that the benefits last well past January 31st. Also, In the U.S., it was shown that younger generations, such as Gen-Z and early millennials, are drinking less than their older counterparts. Alcohol consumption had a spike over COVID-19, but it seems to be trending back downward, and may even drop below pre-COVID numbers in the near future. 

So what have our younger generations figured out? Excessive alcohol consumption can have significant negative impacts on our bodies and has been proven to affect everything from sleep and anxiety to liver function and weight management. And I’m really sorry to bring this up but in his manifesto Outlive, Dr. Peter Attia writes, “Alcohol serves no nutrition or health purpose but is a purely hedonic pleasure that needs to be managed. It’s an empty calorie source that offers zero nutrition value; the oxidation of ethanol delays fat oxidation, which is the opposite of what we want if we’re trying to lose fat mass; and drinking alcohol very often leads to mindless eating.”

But do we net out? While there are lots of reasons to replace that cocktail with a mocktail sometimes, we like a to have a drink once in a while, especially in social settings. And low to moderate alcohol consumption is actually a common thread among almost all of the blue zones. More about the Blue Zones’ “Wine at 5” habit here

So in light of these sober-ish times, we have a not-so-shameless plug. (It’s not shameless because we know that it will absolutely make your Dry January easier and more fun). 

Our trio of Crushed Fruit Vinegars make the most amazing mocktail mixers.

Need ideas? See our collection of mocktail recipes here or our Instagram page for some delicious, non-alc beverages. Some fan favorites are our Blueberry & Ginger  and Tangerine & Rosemary Mocktails. Cheers!

Peace, Love, and EVOO, 

Katina & the Kosterina Team


Always consult your physician about your personal health needs. We support the pursuit of a longer, healthier life and the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. We do not support illegal or unsafe drinking behavior. 

Alcohol misuse often affects more than just one person, it can cause stress and worry for friends and family. It can be difficult to communicate your concerns. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, please visit Rethinking Drinking to learn more about resources available to you.