Personal Quarterly Offsites

Personal Quarterly Offsites
Hi Kosterina Family,

There is so much I want to do in life. Between work, family and self-care it sometimes feels like I'm just staying afloat and not progressing. Can you relate? Recently, on the Tim Ferriss podcast I heard a piece of advice from the author, Greg McKeown that really resonated with me: take personal quarterly offsites.

I love the idea of applying the rigor of business/corporate practices to our personal life. We hold quarterly offsites for the good of our companies but why not for ourselves and our personal goals? The concept of taking time away from our every day to get creative about big, personal goals can be life-changing.

When planning your offsite, McKeown suggests going out in nature, literally or figuratively, and finding a place with minimal distractions. And, during your offsite session - it's not just about planning for the future, but truly reflecting on the past. Writing your goals down is the first step in achieving them.

Check out our book recommendation below for more from Grey McKeown. (Skip to 1 hour and 26 minutes into this episode above to hear about the personal offsite!)