The Psychology Behind Gifting

The Psychology Behind Gifting

Dear Kosterina Family,

Remember how ‘Gifts’ is one of the 5 Love Languages? Well it turns out, the science behind gifting runs deep and extends far beyond material exchange.

Psychologists have found that the act of giving can be incredibly rewarding, often more so than receiving. This phenomenon is linked to the 'helper's high', a term coined by Allan Luks, suggesting that altruistic acts trigger a release of endorphins, creating a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Gifting is a powerful tool for fostering connections, enhancing emotional wellbeing, and promoting a more empathetic society. Think of it as a token of human connection and a contributor to emotional health!

So as the holiday season was approaching, we got to work to create something beautiful for you to share with friends, family, partners and clients this holiday season. Just like all of our products, we wanted to create something that balanced the classic, Greek culture as well as the more contemporary and modern aesthetic of Greece. 

Nicole Corbett Creative Director Painting Box

We called up our creative director, Nicole Corbett, who you may remember from this Inquisitive Olive interview. Armed with her paintbrush and our signature palette of blues and whites, Nicole created more than 50 iterations of hand-painted designs. Ultimately, we landed on this beautiful print inspired by the Greek Island steps. No gift wrapping needed!

Peace, Love, and EVOO,

Katina & The Kosterina Team