The Kosterina Coffee Experiment: Just Add Fat

Bulletproof Coffee and Ketogenic Diet

Dear Kosterina Family,

Today, I kicked a very bad habit.
To give you a little glimpse into my coffee psyche -- when I lay down to go to sleep at night, I get a little ping of joy just thinking about how as soon as I wake up, I’ll get to have a cup of coffee. There nothing like those first few sips. And that second cup never compares to that first one.  (Coffee lovers know what I’m talking about).
How do you take your coffee? I take my half-caff Nespresso brewed coffee with a little bit of organic milk and 2-3 teaspoons of French Vanilla CoffeeMate. And I love it. BUT, that coffee creamer has lots of sugar, soybean oil, preservatives and a bunch of other ingredients that I know are not good for me.
Over the past several months I’ve been trying to experiment with Bulletproof coffee – coffee with butter and coconut oil – because of the benefits of starting your day with healthy fats and the hunger suppression that comes along with it. Bulletproof coffee is also great for those attempting a ketogenic diet. See here.

I have also been trying Naomi Whittel’s AutophaTea – a combination of green tea, earl grey tea with bergamot, coconut oil and cinnamon – for the anti-aging benefits. Each week I vow to stay away from the sugar-and-preservative-laced creamer in favor of these healthier options but to be honest, nothing satisfies or delights me as much as my CoffeeMate-infused cup. 

I’ve tried to move away from this creamer many times in my life, but have always gone back to it. But this time is going to be different. This morning, I woke up and listened to Dr. Perlmutter on the MindBodyGreen podcast and promptly threw away the four(!) bottles I had in my fridge. (Yes four bottles. I guess an addict always keeps a stash).

Have you ever tried adding healthy fats to your coffee? We'd love to hear about it!