The Key to Immunity? Less Stress.

The Key to Immunity? Less Stress.
Dear Kosterina Family, 

The past week most of us have gone from holiday mode to work mode. A lot of times, we dive right into high gear without acknowledging we need a ramp up period (going from movies on the couch to three-hour marathon meetings can be a major shift).

 Researchers have found that when we don't acknowledge emotions, our bodies store them as stress - which impacts our overall immunity and long-term health. As flu season comes along, you can imagine why extra stress on our systems can lead us straight to the doctor. 

Here are a few ways we can shift our mind & body from stressful to stress-less:
  • Spend a few moments in silence each morning before diving into the day. Meditation is proven to reduce anxiety.
  • Practice square breathing (also known as box breathing). This simple breathing technique activates the vagus nerve and shifts our bodies from fight-or-flight mode into being fully present. It's super simple, learn how here. (My husband swears by this). 
  • Move your body as often as you can. Think of daily movement as a method of converting stress into positive energy.