The GOOD News About Coronavirus

The GOOD News About Coronavirus
Dear Kosterina Family, 

How are you doing? I've cut myself off from watching CNN because my cortisol levels go through the roof. In the name of mental well-being and stress-reduction, I'd like to share some good news about the Coronavirus that you may not be hearing about if you're watching the news. I recently tuned in to The James Altucher Show, featuring Futurist (and fellow Greek) Peter Diamandis, who gave me some new perspective on the chaos that's shaping our world.

I recommend listening to the podcast episode in full, and checking out Peter's work - but here are a few pieces of good news that I want to call out:

1.  Peter says this is a "practice" pandemic: "The reality is," Peter shares, "is that things could be much worse. The virus could take longer to infect people, or have a higher rate of mortality..." And we're essentially gaining some critical knowledge on how to address these types of challenges in the future. 
2. Once this exponential rate of infection hits a peak, it stabilizes: And, China is already there. While living in the peak like many of us are right now can feel scary, other countries like China and South Korea haven't developed a new case in days. 
3. Our brains are naturally meant to hold onto bad news. And the media's job is to literally keep our eyeballs on their screens or papers - so it's normal for us to feel like the news is worse than it is.

I know that this global health crisis is a scary time for many of us, but it's important to reduce panic for our own immunity. Stress and worry are large contributors to weakened immune systems, so let's try to seek out good news where we can.