The Ancient Power of Acupuncture

The Ancient Power of Acupuncture

Dear Kosterina Family,

My first ever experience with acupuncture was when I was hoping to get pregnant with my first child back in 2015. My acupuncturist did a deep dive on my personal life and health history. He told me that while I sat with the needles in, I may see halos or white lights and that was an indication that it was working. I didn’t see any of that and when my time was up, I felt disappointed. But when I tried to sit up, I realized that I felt very heavy. Every finger weighed 10 pounds. Ohhh, it had worked. I felt an intense physical relaxation. And I did get pregnant that same month. Nine months later we welcomed Ellie.

More recently, now 7 years after my first acupuncture experience, I was invited by the founder of WTHN, Michelle Larivee, to receive a complementary treatment. Michelle also used acupuncture to get pregnant, and as a result of the successful treatments, quit her corporate job to start WTHN with a mission to make the transformative effects of acupuncture accessible to more people.

The WTHN space in Manhattan is beautiful and emanates the perfect level of zen. It was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of my Google calendar. I had the same deep-dive conversation with my acupuncturist and highlighted some minor joint pain but really was just hoping for a quiet and calming 45 minutes. I got that and much more. Upon walking out onto the streets of Manhattan, I felt lighter on my feet and more clear-minded. My knee and hip no longer ached from my run the day before. I spoke with family and friends about my experience and they each had their own stories about acupuncture helping to resolve sciatica or other physical ailments. Ancient healing, indeed.

So, what is acupuncture? 

You may have heard of acupuncture, or even tried it before - but this ancient healing practice is more complex than it seems on the surface. Basically, it's not simply getting a bunch of needles stuck into your body at random.

Acupuncture is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and now, is backed by many aspects of modern science. Although it's used frequently at traditional hospitals and treatment centers to treat everything from physical injury or infertility, it really works best preventatively by strengthening your body's natural defenses like immunity and sleep. Additionally, people often don't realize that the number one condition acupuncture treatment is for is mental health, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

This thousands-year old modality has one main component at its core: releasing stuck energy (or 'Qi') by simulating specific pressure points throughout the body. This is often done by inserting microscopic needles into the body for a certain period of time, but can also be done through massage (acupressure) or cupping. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is often thought of as a garden - everything is connected, and in order for the entire garden to thrive we must treat it holistically. Acupuncture is one example of how this philosophy around well-being is brought to life. Acupuncturists are able to pinpoint a specific well-being issue, and relate it back to the map of your body. You may go to an acupuncture session for a headache, and find that you're being treated on your foot! 

Just like the healing powers of EVOO, acupuncture is a powerful reminder that our ancestors' wisdom was far ahead of what we may have expected. And, everything is connected when it comes to our well-being. 

Peace, Love & EVOO,