Scary Ingredients May Be In Your Pantry

Scary Ingredients May Be In Your Pantry

Dear Kosterina Family, 

What do you think American cheese, peanut butter, oat milk and salad dressing have in common? Most of the brands found at the grocery store have unhealthy, and even harmful ingredients hiding inside of them.

At Kosterina, it's our mission is to help you make small, everyday choices that allow you to live a longer, happier life. And, one simple way to do that is to make better choices during your weekly grocery store visit. 

A few weeks ago, we shared a blog post about emulsifiers, and how these potentially harmful additives can be hiding in your packaged foods. But, the more that our team looked into this topic, we realized that it was bigger than just emulsifiers: there are many sneaky ingredients, even in foods we consider 'healthy.' 

Take oat milk for example. For years, oat milk became a popular, 'healthy' plant-based milk that was often sold as a more eco-friendly and better-for-you choice than other alternative milks, like almond milk. But, in recent months, there's been a reckoning with the real ingredients in our much-loved milk: not only does it have added sugars, but most oat milks have canola oil or rapeseed oil as emulsifiers. 

Peanut Butter is another household staple that most brands pack with inflammatory oils and sugar. The best jars of peanut butter should contain no more than two ingredients: peanuts and salt. Any additions of sugar, canola, or palm oils will ruin the health benefits of this spread. So look at those labels!

Added ingredients and sugars aren't limited to 'sweet' foods. Salad dressings and sometimes even meat contain added sugars. A New York Times article found that over 60% of foods in American grocery stores contain some form of added sugar (we love the 'dictionary' in this piece for words that really mean added sugar). 

That's why we love looking for simple, whole foods that are made from the source. And, it's why we take pride in our products and how they are made. When you look at our extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate bars, balsamic vinegar, and even skincare...the labels are as clean as you can get them! Pure, healthy, natural ingredients straight from the source. 

What are some of the simple, whole foods that you love cooking with? Are there other brands you purchase from that have clean ingredient lists? Please share!

Peace, Love & EVOO,