Loved Ones First

Loved Ones First

Dear Kosterina Family, 

If you've been tuning in to our Weekly Wellness newsletter for a bit, you know that we've been fascinated by the research behind The Blue Zones, a project by National Geographic researcher, Dan Buettner that reveals the secret lifestyle of centenarians (or people who live to be 100).

Recently, Dan Buettner and his team created "Power 9", a set of lifestyle habits that the people of the Blue Zones have in common. These are core to our mission at Kosterina, which is to help us all live a little better every day - and most importantly, develop a healthy lifestyle that's focused on longevity, rather than quick fixes. Here's to creating mini Blue Zones within our own homes!

Today we will focus on a particularly important Lifestyle Habit at Kosterina, #5: Loved Ones First. See above for an image of me, my mom Eleni and my brother Peter circa 1990 in Koroni, Greece.

Those in the Blue Zones prioritize family above all. Unlike most families today, the majority of Blue Zone's centennials live in multi-generational homes. That means grandparents and children spend more time together, which is proven to lower disease and mortality rates for everyone.

In Sardinia, a Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy, preserving family values is a core aspect of well-being. Sardinians are known for having close-knit families within all generations - no one is left behind. This has a profound impact on stress management and even long-term mental health.

But for those in the Blue Zones, family isn't just genetic. Most centenarians commit to a life partner, which, according to research can increase life expectancy for up to three years!

Everything at Kosterina is rooted in celebrating family. Our EVOO comes from the village in Greece where my father was born, and our name - Kosterina - is a combination of mine and my husband's. Plus, our community is our family!

We all define family in different ways. Regardless of whether you have a family bound by genetics or choice, there are so many ways to honor them. Our favorites? Eating dinner together each night, spending quality time off of screens, and making space to connect - whether it's hugging-distance or over the phone.

As our chosen family - if you enjoy our newsletter, please share it with someone you love!

Peace, Love & EVOO,