Health & Wellness Podcast Roundup

Health & Wellness Podcast Roundup

Dear Kosterina Family, 

I’ve often heard the process of getting and staying healthy referred to as a wellness journey because it truly is a long trip with sometimes windy roads. For me the greatest resource on my journey has been podcasts. If you’re not yet a “podcast person”, it’s time to dive in. I find the wellness podcasts that I listen to regularly provide the education, knowledge, motivation and inspiration to consistently keep me on the right path. I hope that some of my favorite podcasts shows can do the same for you. Here’s a list of my faves:

  1. Mindbodygreen: Led by MBG founder, Jacob Wachob, these episodes interview a diverse set of entrepreneurs, gurus, and researchers in the wellness space. We love Jason’s approach because it’s accessible, practical and he always seems to ask the questions we want the answers to. The MBG podcast was part of the inspiration behind the launch of Kosterina!
  2. The Doctor's Farmacy: From dealing with burnout to taking care of your physical health, Dr. Hyman pulls from his own medical experience to dive deep into conversations on holistic health with a variety of wellness professionals. He’s also done deep work to educate us on the shortcomings of our food systems, which inspires action. 
  3. The Drive with Dr. Peter Attia – The Drive is a long-form, science-first podcast where Dr. Attia dives on the latest research focused on longevity. There is also a high-performance and fitness focus. These conversations are dense – while I usually listen to podcasts at 1.5x speed, I usually need to slow these down to 1x to make sure I can process the content! 
  4. Be Well: Kelly LeVeque, best-selling author, and celebrity holistic wellness & nutritionist professional, will motivate you to understand the importance of a healthy diet. Taking a celebratory approach to the way that we treat ourselves and our relationship with food, Kelly and her guests will give you snackable knowledge on how to improve your diet and overall well being. She’s also a mom to young children and brings the female perspective to her guest selection and interview topics. 
  5. The Genius Life: "You don't have to be born a genius to become one" is host Max Lugavere's, motto. He speaks to the most-innovative guests to uncover what it really means to be a "genius' in your own life, and likewise, we get to benefit from these conversations. Enjoy an array of topics, all being connected to our nutritional wellness. 
  6. Dr Gundry: Former cardiologist, Dr. Gundry, speaks on the best exercise and diet tips to stay healthy and improve longevity. A strong supporter of lowering carbohydrate intake, and approaching our relationship with food from a medical viewpoint, there is a treasure trove of great advice to take away from his knowledge.
  7. Foodtrainers: With each episode being less than 30 minutes, Lauren Slayton provides quick, easy, and accessible tips on all things wellness. Fun and engaging, this podcast is one of our favorite, plus you can view our own interview with Lauren Slayton on The Inquisitive Olive here!
  8. Live Purely: Elizabeth Stein, founder of Purely Elizabeth, interviews all of our favorite wellness gurus and wellness brand founders. From gut health to skin health to mental health, this podcast has everything that you need in a fun and digestible format. Plus, we are currently loving Live Purely's recent episode with Dan Buettner, discoverer of the Blue Zones!
  9. Dhru Purohit: Tackling the hard conversations in the trending wellness space, Dhru Purohit and his guests get to the bottom of what may be healthy and what may be fad. Always honest and insightful, we recommend this podcast to anyone who has the question "What is it that makes great people so great?".

Are there any shows that we missed that you love? Please send them along!

Pro-tip: Podcasts make for great habits to add to your Habit Stacking journey.

Peace, Love, and EVOO, 

Katina & The Kosterina Team