Greek Well Wishes, Minute by Minute

Greek Well Wishes, Minute by Minute
Dear Kosterina Family,

Happy New Year! Or "Kali Chronia" as we say in Greek, which literally translates to "good year". We all need some good wishes to enter 2021 on a new foot.

This simple state of mind - one that is always wishing well to those around us -- is at the core of Greek culture. As I was wishing friends and family Kali Chronia this past week, I was reminded how often we use the word "kali"/"kalo" or "good" to wish each other well for nearly everything in Greek. 
Common sayings and well wishes include kalimera (good day), kali evdomada (good week), kalo mina (good month). There’s also kalo fagito (good meal), kalo ipno (good sleep) and kalo ximeroma (good waking up). It’s almost comical how often we say these things! Whether it's before going to work (kales doulies, "good work") or before a car ride (kalo dromo, "good road") we are wishing people well, minute by minute. 
So, as we enter this new year after a very difficult one it can be easy to think that things will never return to normal. It might feel like an uphill battle to look on the bright side. But if we can express simple gratitude for the tiny, good moments like the Greeks do, we may be able to shift our perspective.
So in the spirit of the kind, simple, happy Greek state of mind, I am wishing you, our Kosterina family, a very Good Everything for 2021!