3 Foods that Promote Longevity & Prevent Disease

3 Foods that Promote Longevity & Prevent Disease

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Over recent years, research has come to show that many aspects of our long-term health are lifestyle-driven - rather than dictated fully by our genetics. This new-but-growing field of epigenetics is fascinating, and empowering for us all, because it proves that we really are what we eat.

One of the latest examples of this is new research that closely links certain cancers with obesity. Most importantly, we're finding that cancer, which at its core is when our DNA goes wrong & spreads uncontrollably, is largely driven by lifestyle choices - and even the foods we eat.

I recently heard an episode of the Broken Brain Podcast with Dr. Dhru Purohit that covers this topic extensively. In it, he interviews two leading doctors and experts in this field where they discuss the "seed and soil" of cancer. Essentially, the "seed" of cancer is within us all, but if we change the "soil" (our lifestyle) we can prevent it from coming to life.

I highly recommend listening to this episode, but here are some of the top recommendations that Dr. Dhru and guests have when it comes to shaping a cancer-free diet:

1. Drink your Green Tea: Green Tea is proven to have anti-cancer properties and a high amount of antioxidants, which decrease inflammation. Try to have 2-4 cups per day.

2. Increase immunity with Quercitin: This compound is a polyphenol that's found in berries, onions, apple peels and yep, olives. It neutralizes free radicals in the body, and COVID patients with high amounts of Quercitin were found to get less sick than others.

3. Fiber is important: We've been hearing about fiber forever, but it's truly a key pillar of health. Try to get at least 35g per day from a variety of sources - beans, whole grains, flaxseed, nuts, fruits + veggies.

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