The Inquisitive Olive  The Inquisitive Olive

Introducing: The Inquisitive Olive

Follow our new series to learn more about the morning routines, food choices, fitness and mindfulness practices of high performers.
Introducing: The Inquisitive Olive

Dear Kosterina Family,

We have been working behind the scenes to launch something new for you. Today, I’m excited to announce our new interview series – The Inquisitive Olive.

I’ve always loved learning about the morning routines, food choices, fitness and mindfulness practices of high performers. It provides ongoing inspiration and ideas for habits to incorporate in our daily lives and the more this topic stays top of mind, the more progress we will continue to make over time.

In The Inquisitive Olive (or "T.I.O.") series, we will be interviewing entrepreneurs, wellness experts, celebrities, chefs and overall high performers about the way they think about wellness. We’ll ask them about the food they eat, what’s in their pantry, what skin care products they use, the details of their workouts and overall stuff they’re into. Think: Tim Ferris or Into the Gloss, but with a focus on food and wellness. You’ll also see that some of our guests broach serious topics like mental health, eating disorders, grief, acceptance and more.

Our first few guests are founders of better-for-you food brands like Laurel Gallucci from Sweet Laurel Bakery, CJ Pennington from Proud Source Water and bestselling cookbook author and Chef Anna Gass. Plus, we have a lot more A+ interviewees in the works. Stay tuned!

Peace, love & EVOO,


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