The Only Smoothie Recipe You'll Ever Need

The Only Smoothie Recipe You'll Ever Need
Hi Kosterina Family,

As summer comes to a close, we've been thinking a lot about what it means to glow - from the inside and out. Oftentimes, our product-focused world makes us feel like we need lots of "stuff" to be glowing, healthy and radiant. But, it doesn't have to be that complicated.

In my mind, glowing from the inside-out truly comes down to one word: simplicity. When I think about my childhood summers spent with my grandparents on the Mediterranean sea, their lifestyle was simple but radiant. I've tried to keep those ways of living alive - even though our lives are so different today.

Here are some simple things you can do today to inspire glow from the inside-out: 

1. Have dinner with friends – Research from the Blue Zones credits relationships and community as one of the most important elements for health and longevity. So go break bread with your loved ones in the name of wellness!

2. Choose to read a book before bed instead of the mind-numbing endless scroll. One idea for you -- read Glow15by Naomi Whittel. A researcher focused on glow and slowing the aging process describes what we need to do to achieve autophagy – the process by which our body breaks down old cells and cleanses them from our body. 

3. Eat clean - So much of our body and mind is driven by our food choices. Just one quick idea for you -- I’ve recently discovered the perfect morning smoothie which I love because it’s an easy way to get in some vital nutrients first thing in the morning.

For Morning Smoothie Perfection:
Throw these all together in the Vitamix: 1 & ½ cups non-dairy milk – you can use almond, coconut, cashew, hemp or any nut-milk - My favorite lately is unsweetened vanilla hemp milk), 
1 handful spinach½ avocado, ½ cup blueberries, 2 scoops protein powder (I’ve been using one Scoop of Rebuild Protein Powder from Parsley Health and one scoop of Green Dream from Philosophie), 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 handful ice. It's pure, clean, healthy deliciousness and keeps you full all morning long. 
Best wishes for glow and autophagy! Try out the smoothie and let us know what you think @kosterinaoliveoil.