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Stuff We're Into: Week of 6/13

Reflection Edition
Stuff We're Into: Week of 6/13

What We're Journaling With

Wellness Notebooks

Cloth & Paper makes beautiful stationery and we love the simplicity of this intention notebook. It's not too large so you can travel with it and it's filled with sections where you can make time and space to journal positive affirmations and let your mind flow in the free thoughts fields.

Intention Notebook

What We're Reading With


Although we will always favor holding a real book when we read, kindles are great for traveling especially for those who are commuting to work daily. You can highlight and save sections, look up unfamiliar words and take notes directly on your Kindle too!


What We're Unwinding With

Nest Diffuser

What is that incredible smell?! Says everyone who is in a room with a Nest Diffuser. We are loving this special-edition Sicilian Tangerine scent. It evokes the exhilaration of a blissful day at the beach. Relax and unwind with 90 days of uninterrupted fragrance when you add this to your room.

Nest Diffuser

Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

Regular price From $29.95
Regular price Sale price From $29.95
739 reviews

Our highest polyphenol EVOO straight from Southern Greece.

Extra Virgin Duo

Regular price $48.90
Regular price Sale price $48.90
142 reviews

Extra Virgin perfection: one for cooking and one for drizzling.

Crushed Fruit Vinegar Trio

Regular price $45.00
Regular price Sale price $45.00
52 reviews

The perfect combination of tangy and sweet, fresh crushed fruit and no added sugar.

Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Set

Regular price $135.00
Regular price Sale price $135.00
739 reviews

Taste all of our flavors with one each of our extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars.