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Kosterina 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are officially here and shopping is in full swing!

This year, our team is excited to share several curated gift guides we put together that include a few of our favorite brands, a range of unique products, and items at different price points to make crossing off must-haves for everyone on your list easier.

There's truly something for everyone...even that person who's impossible to shop for or that friend who seems to have everything.

Happy Shopping!

  • Our Place Perfect Pot: Every pot you need put into one. Perfect Pot does everything from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming.
  • Olivewood Serving Board:  Everyone can use extra serving boards. Crafted using Mediterranean olivewood, a natural material known for its beautiful markings and colorings, this serving board is a dramatic addition to the tabletop!
  • Well & Good Cookbook:  There are so many delicious, unique + healthy recipes in here; and they're easy enough to whip up when you have kids running around!
  • Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer: We love the unique upgrade Kitchen Aid gave this mixer - texture & three-dimensional studs.
  • Acacia Wood & Gold Measuring Cups:  There's something about these measuring cups that make you want to bake something immediately.
  • Kosterina Extra Virgin Duo Gift Set: One of our best-selling gifts this season. The ultimate gift for any foodie or beginner cook.
  • Breville Espresso Machine:  Easy to use, a sleek design and the quality of flavor in every cup is an A+. Now you can skip Starbucks and make specialty drinks at home.
  • Mini Theragun: Calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager, this device is well worth it if you workout often.
  • Backgammon Set: Can you spot the evil eyes on the center of the board? This is the gift of all gifts- combining function and design.
  • Yeti Crossroads Backpack: Our favorite cooler brand now makes sturdy, minimalist's backpacks that are super high quality.
  • Kosterina Olive Oil Cake: One slice is never enough. Our delicious, moist and perfectly sweet cake sells out fast for a reason...
  • Marshall Speaker: Not only do these speakers have incredible sound, but the sleek design elevates any room it sits in.
  • Parachute Robe: Gift comfort. Warning - you might never want to take this robe off.
  • Ghia Cocktail Kit: The most delicious and innovative non-alcoholic apertifs inspired by the Mediterranean, so you know we love it!
  • Yana Sleep Pillow: This body pillow provides comfort and support where you need it most. " It's the best sleep partner you could ask for."
  • State Change:  This book explores the new science of optimizing the body in ways that will help anyone attain a new baseline for energy, calm, and optimism. Written by the Founder and CEO of Parsley Health.
  • Oura Ring: Not into smart watches, but want something with similar health features? You can learn how your body responds to your daily habits and choices by following your heart rate from morning to night with this sleek ring.
  • Obe Fitness Subscription:  You can't beat the variety of classes, incredible instructors and motivational music this app has to offer.
  • Shakti Acupressure Mat: For anyone with sleep or circulation issues, this mat can help support those needs.
  • Kosterina EVOO Dark Chocolate: You can never go wrong with the gift of chocolate - especially when it is as antioxidant rich as ours.
  • NuFace Toning Device:A 5-minute facial on the go? Yes, please.
  • Kosterina EVOO Subscription:A shot of EVOO in the morning kick starts your metabolism and trains your body to use fat for fuel instead of glucose - best news ever! Every morning ritualist will love never running out of this superfood.
  • Beast Blender:It's just that - a beast of a blender and incredible for morning smoothies!
  • Hatch Smart Sleep Assistant: Leave the day behind and create the perfect sleep enviornment with this assistant.
  • Paddywax Diffuser:We love the ceramic design of this diffuser. Use it to create a space to relax, set your intentions, and enjoy.
  • Kosterina Greek Glow Gift Set: Start the day with fresh skin. We have worked with some of the country’s top chemists to formulate our skincare collection to provide the most powerful antioxidant benefits and maximum hydration from this superfood when applied topically.  
  • Weighted Blanket:This blanket feels like a hug. Buttery soft and designed to improve sleep quality, lowers stress, and ease anxiety.
  • Allbirds Loungers: Unisex and the ultimate comfort shoe. We love the design and how easy they are to wash.
  • Kosterina Skin Care Starter Set:  The perfect gift and set to start your day. Our signature scent was formulated to transport you to the Mediterranean seaside with every use.
  • Next Stop Candles: Gift a candle form! The unique designs and scents make these stand out from most candles.
  • Ember Mug: The WFH coffee lovers next best friend. This smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold.
  • reMarkable: A tablet that feels like paper. Take handwritten notes, read, and review documents like a pro.
  • The Nori Press:A wrinkle-removal product designed to press, steam and refresh your clothes with ease. Your zoom outfits will never look better.
  • Kosterina Mini Extra Virgin Olive Oils: The perfect stocking stuffer, take-home dinner party favor or bridal shower gift. Also a great carry along in your work bag or picnic basket. Our polyphenol-rich EVOO 50ml mini bottle is packed with our signature bold flavors from our early harvest Greek olives.  
Katerina (Katina) Mountanos
Katerina (Katina) Mountanos

Olive Oil Sommelier, Katerina Mountanos, is the Founder & CEO of Kosterina. Katerina is very passionate about olive oil, the Mediterranean lifestyle and eating for health and longevity.

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