How wellness has changed

How wellness has changed

Dear Kosterina Family,

Over the past year and a half my wellness routine has changed for the better. And based on recent market research, my own experience is not unique. It seems that many people have given their exercise, meals, mental health and other well-being practices a massive rehaul as our lives have shifted to be more centered at home. 

My workouts have changed the most. Instead of trekking to the gym each day, I've been leaning into my Peloton bike and app, long walks and jogs outside as well as following digital workouts from some of my favorite fitness influencers. Some of my go-to’s are: Melissa Wood Health, Obe Fitness and Kayla Itsines. Home workouts have never been easier.

And of course there has been a notable rise in at-home cooking. Nearly 40% of consumers have said that they've started or increased cooking at home during the pandemic - and almost 70% of them say it's a new habit here to stay. Not only is it healthier, but food & cooking is now seen as a method of reaching health goals. 

Other wellness trends have included the rise of hot breakfasts, experimentation with continuous glucose monitors and a rise in elimination diets. I am always pleased to see people experimenting to find what works best for them.

How has your well-being shifted since the pandemic? Are there any interesting trends - personal or collective - you've noticed? The Kosterina team would love to hear from you! 

Peace, love and EVOO,