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A Shot of Hope

Is anyone else feeling hopeful these days? These rays of sunshine are breaking through our olive trees and remind us that despite the difficulties of the past year, we are now on a path back towards the personal connections we need.
A Shot of Hope

Dear Kosterina Family,

I think I can speak for all of us that the past year has been difficult. We've experienced various levels difficulty across a wide spectrum - whether you lost someone you love, went stir crazy, felt alone, or like me, were a mom navigating this new world with three young kids (read more about the mental health impact COVID had on moms). We've all suffered immeasurable impact on our health, well-being and sanity.
Well this week I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and as I walked out of my appointment, I felt something I hadn't felt in a really long time: hope
As we’ve been told many times, expressing gratitude is good for our well-being so here goes. I am amazed at how our scientific community has developed an efficacious solution to this pandemic in such record-breaking time. Family, friends and even Kosterina team members in Greece are still living under quarantine conditions as the country figures out how to open up again. There are not enough vaccines available for those under age 60. How lucky are we to live in a country that has been able to provide a path back to normalcy? 

I am ready to go back to living life in color again. I’m ready to hug friends and family and am ready for Greek-style kisses on both cheeks. I’m ready to invite my neighbors inside for a coffee and for my kids to go to birthday parties. I’m ready to sit in a conference room and share creative ideas with my team. Am ready to go to Church in person and am ready for dinners out! Wine, food, flavor and good company. I know we’re not there yet but we’re getting closer. This year has taught us so much, but most importantly, it's shown us how little we really need in order to feel connected. 

Wishing us all a speedy return to all the true personal connections that make us feel whole.

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